What is post-career planning with a retirement coach?

Transitioning out of your formal career into the next phase of life is a tremendous opportunity to start something new, but it is also one of life’s biggest challenges. Many executives are tied to their professional identities, but if we leverage the skills you have to create a vision for the future, suddenly retirement looks less like an ending and more like a beginning.

“The third phase of life is not about retirement at all. It’s about challenging traditional boundaries, conquering old fears, staying positive, and finding a meaningful purpose to carry you through the rest of your life.” – The Third Journey by Storie and Trimingham

Retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions. A successful retirement requires the same kind of planning you’ve put into your career. Some people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do retirement! It all begins with an honest look at yourself, your family and friends, and finding a new sense of purpose.

Create a new vision for your future

This next chapter, when planned correctly, can be the most fulfilling, rewarding, and intellectually active phase of life. It’s a time for new exploration, to redefine purpose and meaning, to reconnect with family and friends – and expand your communities. It’s a time to grow. It’s a time to be healthy and productive, and to look forward to each day with ease.

I advise my clients to engage with a financial planner before they make the decision to retire. While your finances are part of the overall picture, they are just one component of a larger, holistic retirement plan. In fact, many people fail at retirement not from running out of money, but from running out of meaning.

Plan and navigate the third and most important journey of your life

Retirement is different for everyone. It may be an opportunity to scale back but keep working at the same or similar job with more flexibility. It may mean making a geographic move to another location and starting a new chapter in life, or to give back and make a productive contribution to society.

Some of the common questions I hear are:

  • How do I make meaning out of my life and stay relevant?
  • When will I know that it’s time to retire?
  • Will I have enough money?
  • Will my relationships survive retirement?
  • How do I take my skills and apply them to something new and rewarding?
  • How do I make new friends and expand my community?

A successful, fulfilling, and happy retirement takes planning. Some individuals and couples may not be able to do it on their own. How often have we heard, “I’m 65, now what?” or “If I retire now, what will I do?” What is it like to lose your title, pay check, and influence all at once? It’s not easy, but I can help you navigate this journey.