Are you leveraging the unique strengths of your physician & healthcare leaders?

The demands and challenges in health care environments today are complex, and effective leaders are needed at every level in order for organizations to succeed and excel. Every day, leaders must meet the challenges of driving success and prosperity while meeting the variety of demands from their executive leaders, medical staff, patients and customers.

Top executives may see their organizational leaders struggle to achieve these goals, even though it is clear that with a little guidance, they would be able to move forward and excel, creating a high-performing organization and an enviable workplace. Leaders must learn to use their strengths to have the impact they want and get the results they need so that positive momentum, change and continuous improvement are the norm.

For example, we know that the professional edge in any healthcare organization is the successful transition of excellent clinical providers into successful leaders.

Making that subtle but important shift in mindset from a physician who happens to be an executive to an executive who happens to be a physician can completely change the impact a physician leader has in the organization.

The key to getting there is not in the latest management fad or leadership course. It’s already there in the strengths of the leader, waiting to be unleashed. This is why an organization turns to an executive coach—someone who can take an objective look at leaders from the perspectives of those around them, and guide them to use their strengths and increase their impact. They act as a catalyst to get great leaders “unstuck” and moving forward.

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Two Perspectives on One Healthcare Coaching Relationship


“Betty gathered feedback, delivered the positive and the negative, and worked with me to develop a plan to improve my effectiveness as a Vice President of Medical Affairs. After six months of executive coaching, my hospital CEO sees me as a star player and I truly feel like a key player on the executive team.”


“Betty’s coaching sessions with our Vice President of Medical Affairs helped him to craft a compelling vision for Medical Affairs and then communicate that vision to the administrative and medical staff. Their coaching work has resulted in a stronger team with a clear focus on quality.”