Navigating the journey of a lifetime

Retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions. A successful retirement requires the same kind of planning you’ve put into your career. Some people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do for retirement! It all begins with an honest look at yourself, your family and friends, and finding a new sense of purpose in one of life’s most joyful phases.

As accomplished strategic planners in the business world, we create vision, mission and values statements to provide a compass for a successful career or business. Yet, we have done little to put the same effort towards planning for retirement. We have contributed to retirement funds, but there has been almost no personal focus on our purpose beyond our careers.

I’m now taking my successful executive coaching practice and using those same skills (and some new ones) to help executives overcome their trepidation and fear about retirement. A successful retirement takes awareness, assessment and planning, and that’s what we will begin to do together.

It gives me great joy to help you discover what could be the best chapter in your life. You’ve worked hard, you’ve earned it, let’s get started.