What my clients say

“Betty encompasses possibility, compassion, and vision. She teaches you to let go of the checklist of what the organization wants and needs, and instead create your own vision of the future. She helps you understand how to realize that vision with love and compassion.” Chief Nurse Executive

“Incredibly bright and intuitive, Betty knows what to ask you before she’s even met you. So smart, personable, experienced, she is the best.” Chief Executive Officer

“Betty has encouraged me, grounded me, and pushed me to envision the possible and helped me help myself and move my organization forward. We now provide enhanced and compassionate care – not only for our patients, but for the staff as well.” Chief Nurse Executive

“Betty was able to transform my perspective of retirement. She shifted my paradigm from a very negative viewpoint to understanding the wonderful opportunities ahead of me — and she helped shift my priorities so that retirement will be more fulfilling.” Chief Operating Officer

“As a physician, I have rarely had anyone give me honest, direct feedback. Betty gathered feedback, delivered the positive and the negative and worked with me to develop a plan to improve my effectiveness as a VP of Medical Affairs. After 6 months of executive coaching, my hospital CEO sees me as a star player and I truly feel like a key player on the executive team.” Vice President of Medical Affairs

“Betty helped me to adapt to a new environment and a new group of people so that I can be a more effective leader. The 360 evaluation was important to obtain constructive criticism from my peers and colleagues. The personality test provided useful insights as to the reasons why I behave certain ways. She provided critical feedback and helped me to be a better communicator. I would highly recommend Betty for anyone who wants to become a leader.” Physician Executive

“Betty is intelligent, insightful, and objective. And like many great sports’ coaches, she has a gift for identifying your weak spots while simultaneously inspiring you to be better. She is a wonderful sounding board and the reliable voice of reason. Betty continuously challenges me to examine my perspectives, motivations, and relationships. And for that, I am better off professionally and personally.” Medical Staff President

“Betty is an executive coach extraordinaire and someone I consider a friend and confidant. Betty is incredibly insightful, smart and quick to see themes and narratives in what otherwise seems to be a simple, casual conversation. I leave each meeting with an “ah-hah” moment—and more often than not, a short list of actionable new steps. Close friends have mentioned they can see a positive change in my thinking and focus over the past months, and I attribute this to working with Betty.” Marketing Executive